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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Reading - Championship 2021/22

    Really bad individual defending cost us today. There was an appalling mistake on each of the goals from a different player on each occasion.

    Other than that, I didn't think we were too bad to be honest. Not at our very best, but should have been enough to win the game. And would have been, but for the three clangers.

    Bad day at the office defensively. Analyse it, learn from it, move on. No drama.

  • Match Discussion: Barnsley v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    For those who think our current style of play is "boring", words fail me.

    I can only conclude that these people preferred having entire matches without a shot on target, as we regularly saw during 2 seasons of Cooperball.

    I can only conclude that these people preferred the spectacle of Jake Bidwell shunting the ball aimlessly into the left channel ahead of him during the last 2 seasons, instead of the player he's become this season: passing the ball with accuracy and intelligence, and even getting on the end of crosses at the far post, as seen in the South Wales derby.

    I can only conclude that moaners are going to moan, and that some people will only be pleased when we put Tony Pulis, Mick McCarthy or Neil Warnock in charge.

  • Match Discussion: Barnsley v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    Barnsley didn't lay a glove on us all night. We had the ball to ourselves.

    The only question was, would we be able to produce enough moments in the final third to get the win.

    In the first half we didn't look likely to, but in the second half we did enough. Two excellent, well worked goals.

    Another good win on the road, now back to the Liberty on Saturday and hopefully a better display than against Blackpool.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Blackpool - Championship 2021/22

    The thing that amazes me the most about the poor standard of refereeing is not that so many of the refs and linos are dreadful, but there are assessors regularly situated in the stand, performance assessing these officials.

    How on earth people like Stroud, or Stuart Attwell, or Trevor Kettle for instance, can still be refereeing after over 10 years of consistently bad performances is beyond me. There aren't many walks of life where you can be that bad at your job for that long, yet still sustain a career.

    The problem goes far wider than just what goes on on the field of play imo.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Blackpool - Championship 2021/22


    My take on the first half is that it was all a bit sideways and backwards, but credit to Blackpool on that. They were very good without the ball. Good shape, intensity, pressed aggressively. Piroe opened them up with a wonder goal, it was always going to take something special like that, it was that sort of game.

    Second half I felt we sat off a bit, we seemed to be happier with the 1-0 the longer it went on, which is always a dangerous game. The equaliser was poor on Hamer's part imo.

    A word on Stroud. Dear me, what a terrible referee. A dreadful performance. How refs like him remain on the roster is beyond me.