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  • January Transfer Window 2022

    you ought to get out more.....if that's all you've got.

  • January Transfer Window 2022

    the grim reaper is back...run for the hills! you only appear when we're not doing so well. I trust my cat's opinions more than yours.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Hull City - Championship 2021/22

    the positives: they were hot and smelled slightly better than the bogs. 🤢

  • Filip Lissah signed

    we don't need more 'whingers' we're already over stocked way way overstocked in fact. If only we could offload some of them, if other clubs were interested, I'd drive them there myself! 😂

    here's a handy quote to ruffle feathers:“Most people mostly use freedom of speech as freedom to bitch.”

    ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana


    @Fledge impressive work that. and now attacking options are attended to . So what is the point? are you going to brow beat the team this season because we had no natural centre forward last season - or as a fan and perhaps looking forward, forget the historical analysis and look to the future with some optimism?

    Two choices: carry on criticising or clean slate?

    Continue to undermine the manager or get behind him. Clear choices for you Jackareme or is having your own way more important? I must be entertained or I will kick and scream like an infant?

    Honestly boys it is time to grow up and realise football isn't about little black figures typed on paper. stats often lie. Look at Leicester who won the PL...28% average possession per game was it?

    It's a lot more nuanced. The difference with me is I have an overall picture in my mind. The picture is of a tragic year of people dying in their thousands, a lockdown that created isolation for the rest. A painful year alleviated by sport, albeit in empty stadiums. My team doing remarkably well for yet another season and twice missing out on promotion. Showing a togetherness and spirit that should be applauded.

    It really sickens me that critics of a similar narrowness of vision, see fit to make a whole summer of moaning about being entertained, slamming the manager over other clubs managerial searches, giving air to rumours - in fact criticising at every turn.

    To be quite honest I would be quite ashamed to want to win this argument you're all promoting with a zeal to proved right.

    A bit of self reflection could have saved you a lot of work Fledge. I've edited here so to give you credit Fledge your stats bear out the uniqueness of the season, but I've never really trusted stats, and I don't remember you as one who was promoting the negative aspects of last season with excessive criticism.

    Anyway as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with defending my team that ought to be in the PL and might have been had we not dipped in form at the crucial time. Do I slam their efforts over that? I would if I was of a certain character and was selfish enough. Instead I see the reality and will be rooting for them once more this season and keeping my own ego in check when things don't go our way.