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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Fulham - Championship 2021/22

    Brilliant post. Eloquently put and reflects my feelings. These days questioning authority is seen as some kind of act of terrorism. Reveal crimes of the state and you get the Assange treatment. All this generated by a post Cadleigh made in trashing our manager for being balanced, nuanced and understanding player's individual human rights - exactly what you've stated here. A completely disingenuous attack that used RM's good take on things by pushing the provax narrative. I applaud you Seajack for your logical reasoning. I wonder if you'll get Cadleigh's PR consultant Rhydian telling you to stop politicising this thread?

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Fulham - Championship 2021/22

    so basically you are saying Cadleigh's highly politicised rants and downright scathing attacks on RM is ok. again this is just shutting me down but giving Cadleigh a free pass because his views chime with yours. ok. fine but own up to the hypocrisy and don't just attack me. Sanctimonious rubbish Rhydian.

  • January Transfer Window 2022

    no probs Moorlands...i'm not dissing vaccines. I'm questioning the data on this vaccine. asking why the inventor has been silenced. why the details about the vaccine are sealed from public view for 75 years much like the files on the JFK assassination. Questioning a corrupt government, Questioning the veracity of the media who pushed the Corbyn antisemitism lies and stayed silent over Assange for doing what they fail to do - investigative journalism.

    Anyone who doesn't question things is really stating that they will just let the establishment decide their fate. I will never give anyone that satisfaction.

    I question because I'm not afraid.

    I gave Cadleigh a taste of his own medicine. He was trashing RM, I trashed him. Seems fair to me. Although I'd say my arguments have some verifiable facts to back it up, whereas all Cadleigh has is the propaganda fed to him from corrupt media and governmental sources. It might not be the herd opinion, but I'm more interested in getting to the truth. I don't have a problem with making my own conclusions from available info. I've no interest in fitting in with consensus if I consider it false.

  • January Transfer Window 2022

    I'm giving Cadfael a lesson for trashing the club. He's made a point about RM being some kind of anti-vaxxer. Seeing as there's not much football happening it's worth airing stuff and pushing back a bit, don't you think?. I don't tell you what to write about so will respectfully decline to take your advice unless you've been appointed moderator while I've been away.

    Surprised at you taking offence. Especially as it was Cadfael who was the one making an issue of this. I notice people are afraid to even talk rationally about any aspect of covid. I thought RM was very diplomatic...because he recognises there are two sides to this and it should be talked about not swept under the carpet because it doesn't sit with one view or another.

    There are massive protests all over the world about vaccine mandates. the media is suppressing this. I wonder why? I'll tell you why.....it's not part of the narrative they're selling. So I'll continue to be sceptical and also use my freedom of speech to speak out especially against anyone trashing the manager over players contracting covid...which is hardly surprising as it is affecting every club and sport. So to correct you....this is football related. Happy New Year to you...as I know you're a good man, normally

  • January Transfer Window 2022

    the post that most resonates with me! totally agree. What a bunch of idiotic clowns! the return of Haydn Eames, Cadleigh being a moron, knee jerk BS because we lost a few games....resurrecting all the old shite.

    Not a footballing expert in sight but plenty of experts in moaning. state of the art moaning, high end dribble. I prefer to stay away now as it is too dispiriting to listen to constant childish crap from people not self aware enough to see themselves and what pathetic jerks they are. Not one upstanding citizen amongst them..[all the moaners that is - obviously they ought to know who they are now, even the lowest of the IQ brigade]

    Enaitch your post gave me a little hope, thanks!😉