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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Cardiff City - Championship 2021/22

    I never indicated anywhere that there wasn't any improvement in our passing, but we still play to flat and you would have to be a blind ostrich with your head in a hole not to see the lack of vision in some of the players, constant passing by some then standing still ball watching instead of moving to a better position to receive it back if required. Time after time we pulled them out of defence then no forward pass to take advantage, just revert back to the slow build up forward again to end up back where we started.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Cardiff City - Championship 2021/22

    Didn’t matter where or when any shots were taken, simple fact is we beat a team that had no threat going forward, even when we “let” them through. The biggest difference is that for once we were not playing against a ten man defence, had better time on the ball due to better passing. Something I liked was the use of long balls side ways instead of the usual short passing which gives the opposition time to rearrange themselves, still need more play through the middle like the play for the second goal, to many players standing still after passing the ball. What is it about Smith running at his own team mates to take the ball just to pass it back then leave them with nobody to pass it to, is it just me having a dislike for him or does he really just look a right tit running around waving his arms and not really doing anything constructive most of the time.

  • Championship Watch 2021-2022

    Bit harsh, you may not like him no need to slag him off like that, won a World Cup and got us to the playoff twice with no real managerial experience and also fitted our wage bills at the time. There is a lot of experienced managers in the leagues with no where near that success. I think it’s a cheap shout people keep labelling him a con man or anything else for that matter, he performed better than most people said he would. He did not get the help he asked for from the club when needed and that was shown by the transfers that happened this summer just to get a manager to sign. Good luck to him I hope he does well as he only brought good to us.

  • Clubs a joke

    Bit unfair, he never said or implied he wasn't interested, he said the most important thing was a team on the pitch. We may not be the richest club around but neither are we in large debt, there is a general hatred and mistrust towards the owners from most fans because of the way they bought the club and some of there behaviour at times. If you compare us to other clubs we are not in a bad place, if we had still been under the management of the previous owners I'm not sure we would be , if you look at some of the financial deals that we had been done before the takeover I'm not sure they would have coped with the fallout of relegation as I honestly thought they got out of their depth the more success we had and the dealing with the sums involved, there is a lot on here that thought the same at the time.

    Bigoak, you have been one of the biggest voices on here since I've started on the forum against the Americans and it seems your oak shoulders has a few big chips on them. Just because someone doesn't go on about them like you do it doesn't mean they don't care or don't take an interest in what's going on, just using this forum shows people care enough, its just some of us don't take it so personally we have our own lives to worry about.

    The owners have not run away as things got tough and nobody has produced any concrete evidence to support your theories so why keep hating, at the end of the day the football on the pitch is what matters to most people, we may not agree with what they do but until they start selling everything off or stop us being the club we want to be life goes on. Everybody keeps going on that they are milking the club and then getting rid of us, can't believe it at least for another couple of years because they are too wealthy to be picking away small change when the big prize is promotion. Maybe they haven't pumped money into the club because they know it would devalue everyone else.......if we all stop and think some positive thoughts about them maybe things would start to look better .....................................maybe 🙄

  • Clubs a joke

    Now your just starting to sound like a big tit that's lost the argument, its been a sensible debate keep it that way or keep quiet.