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  • Match Discussion: Coventry City v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    Great to see all the hard work coming to fruition. Really enjoying us playing football again and i agree with Cadleigh in that the Summer recruitment has been shown to have been the best in a long while. Hopefully we’ll be able to build on the momentum in January with a couple more quality loans but i’d settle for more squad involvement if those outside can step up and prove they have a part to play i.e Liam Walsh and Morgan to name two. I’d also like to see more of Dan Williams even for just 10-15 minutes to see a game out if we’re in a Peterborough or Cardiff scenario and 3 up. Happy days and good to see it coming together.

  • Match Discussion: Derby County v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    I like the man, i like what he’s trying to do and i’m looking forward to see how the first half of this season goes. I’m more than happy to give him time and hope for two things. 1. As earlier posters have mentioned he settles on a regular 3 at the back (not 5) and that 2. He gets quality wingbacks to cover the demanding role that this warrants playing this system. Laird and Bidwell are not the same and Laird looked knackered yesterday.

    A poster on another forum mentioned wingers being converted to that role and personally i prefer/like that idea. If we take the settled back 3 and add a Routledge and a Dyer type in those roles (Laird could already do that) the whole formation takes on a different dynamic in my opinion.

    Interesting times but still genuinely optimistic despite our league position.

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    Wow. 2.5 million to a Premier League club for a young Welsh International who had a great Euros. Absolutely appalling. 1.5 for Jamal. Why don’t we throw Cabango in to sweeten the deal? I wait with baited breath to see the replacements for those two.

  • Bersant Celina ill

    I really liked Celina when he was with us. Him and Grimes were different players under Potter than Cooper probably due to different expectations and requirements by each of them. I was sad to see him go as he was a very talented lad in my opinion. I’m glad he appears to have recovered from Covid.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Stoke City - Championship 2021/22

    Totally agree Colin. The guy is a breath of fresh air and needs time. I still think he would do better tweaking his formation whilst he waits for his players to fit the system but he’s the boss and win or lose he has my backing. Lets hope we get a result tonight.