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  • Lee Trundle, and he likes Guinness 
    in Irish Swans Comment by Jac March 2020
  • It’s definitely a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t, how many here realise that over 120 people slept outside the Liberty only last month, raising awareness for the homeless raising much needed funds for 4 homeless charities in the Sw…
  • Cat 1 is safe at the moment, it may be downgrades in season 2021/22, we need to cut our cloth. TB is telling us this now, it maybe propped up for further seasons but that will be looked at then.
  • Good statement by Birch
  • Trevor isn’t the reason we got relegated, Trevor is trying to fix it, no one tried to get us relegated whatever Andrew2 says, mistakes were made, no doubt but we were a club punching, and we still are if we are being realistic
  • They need Trevor, u fortuatly, and thankfully, he’s our man
  • Let’s all bury our heads in the sand, I heard Birch is about to make a statement? We want yanks to prop us up but Trust don’t. so? Be ****** honest 
  • Well done Coops and Tatey, plus the club for putting the defibs at the Phoenix centre so they can be used should the worse happen, Football, in general gets a lot of bad press, stories like this restores the faith.  
  • Kevin Reeves scouted him but to be fair, he also brought in Angel
  • Good luck Dad, bring home the bacon
  • A lot of if’s there Andrew when you and I know, there’s very little to sell, they can’t sell the stadium, they can’t sell either of the training grounds (both leased), players with potential have some value but why would you sell them and get peanut…
    in the trust Comment by Jac January 2020
  • harsh but true, funny though
  • Wyn, I agree with your comments and no doubt TB saying it is very very expensive are true words, the Americans have said they’ll prop it up, if needs be but I don’t suspect they’ll do it forever, with revenue down to £17m (TBs calculation) something…
    in Academy Comment by Jac January 2020
  • We can’t always have it our way, we’d wish our life away if that was the case, we’ve had to tighten out belts, that’s just a plain fact, our revenue will go from £125m to £17m (TB words), however, even the Americans know that the Academy is an asset…
    in Academy Comment by Jac January 2020
  • Talked to Trevor earlier after the forum and he said Americans are willing to put money in to keep academy cat one, they believe in it wholeheartedly
    in Academy Comment by Jac January 2020
  • Once someone mentions premiership, I know they are talking BS, it’s the premier league always has been, Phil you on message?
    in Academy Comment by Jac January 2020
  • No money is being invested and no money is being taken out, that’s what the Swiss Ramble guy says, someone who many rely on to give it to us straight, so they are cutting their cloth, why do you think that means they will take everything out besides…
    in Academy Comment by Jac January 2020
  • (Quote) 
But with any luck we’d get Ayew and Borja off the payroll so we’d have just the rookie. i don’t buy in to Bony being the biggest mistake, he got injured at a crucial time which is part and parcel of the game, hindsight says it was a…
  • (Quote) 
Calders on the Kingsway, bit pricey but quality gear
  • That’s the beauty of the play off system, keeps teams interested, even teams much lower down than us. We have 3 additions, if they hit the ground running then why not.
  • What a day, ok the game wasn’t brilliant but as someone that’s done 50 years of Derby’s, the atmosphere was electric, and what I was absolutely proud of was the 16/17/18 year olds, loads of them totally up for it and far more passionate than most on…
  • Nice rhetoric but disagree
  • Rhian’s our man, play him sunday
  • This Rhian Guy, any good? Heard he’s here after cup games
  • Here’s a question what if the owners stumped up £10m on the proviso that each and every one if us stumped up a bag of sand (£1,000), how many would invest? *the money would be returned on us entering the PL, lost if we didn’t
  • I don’t get the ‘Yanks out at all costs’ mantra, who knows what could come next, are the owners that bad? Ok, a bit  niaive to begin with but have learnt, the sale wasn’t the only reason we got relegated, not saying it helped but had been on the car…
  • (Quote) 
So u buy shares for £50k and sell for £5.5m, let me know who wouldn’t have?
  • I’ll disput the Gylfi £45m, we held out for it but didn’t get it, we got £40m, just saying like
  • There is absolutely no truth in what Phil says, he’s a likeable fool, end of Rodon and Roberts have already broken the £10k barrier, but whilst everyone goes nuts if we don’t try to hold on to our best youngsters, paying them over and above is the o…
  • If he is to come in let’s get him in early, we tend to miss out whenever we loan a player by up to 4 weeks