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  • Looking to see Laird getting right into opposion box and pulling the ball back for shots from close to goal

    Highlights show he can do that

    All we need now is Joe Rodon on loan and a CF and we're good to go

  • Cardiff and a few clubs are looking at Kyle Hudlin from Solihull Moors the striker is the tallest outfield player in the league at 6ft 9 in ,

    Perfect for their long ball game , how could you stop him and Moore , they would be like a couple of Giraffes .😁

  • Anyone else notice all the good luck messages to Laird were ‘good luck bro’ except Garner who said ‘Lets go bro’. Might have got the vibe wrong with the way he said it but sounded to me that he might be coming too soon. Reading to much in to it? Maybe? Don’t think we’re a priority in the middle if Grimes stays.

  • He looks like a black Peter crouch

  • "Speculate to accumulate", innit. Probably looking at the Lukaku situation and thinking they'll double their money within a couple of years.

  • Sounds like we are interested in signing Andre Gray from Watford. One year left on his contract. West Brom look like favourites.

    Not one I would have thought of, but quick around the pitch and good positioning. Solid rather than exceptional, but I can see the role similar to when we were playing our passing style before.

  • Interesting @JackRaven because Andre Gray seems VERY similar to what we already have..

  • @Jackareme

    At least we are looking to sign a striker but you are right, he does look very similar. Perhaps Jamal is off to Anderlecht!

  • He is proven at this level which isn’t something we have tbh. Be amazed he is in our wage bracket tbh

  • Warnock confirms his admiration for Bidwell and reported he is one of three options for Boro

  • His current contract is supposedly at least 4x what any of our players earn. File as agent rubbish (hopefully).

  • if there is any truth in it then for me he is exactly what we need … but I don’t see it

  • I cant see the Gray transfer being anything other than an agent touting to get his player somewhere.

    We are definitely not in a position to take a player reputedly on 70k/week.

    Even if Watford paid half of that wage, there is no way we have the budget to support that.

    The question has been asked if he brings something different to what we already have.

    Well his goal record stats suggest he does.

    46 goals in 118 Championship games.

    But to score those goals, he needed the bullets to fire. And that's where we are failing in these early days.

    He missed 11 games last season - 8 with a hamstring injury. Aged 30, is he more at risk of such injuries?

    I'd persist with Jamz for longer. He can play other roles than where Cooper developed him. And he has shown throughout his career his ability to learn and develop.

  • We are clearly missing a striker, we did all last year. This year we need to make sure we fill that role.

    Still missing a ball playing CB, maybe the box to box is taken care of by Laird, as well as a striker, we now have some creativity with Paterson. It depends what happens with some potential exits. I'm still expecting Matt to leave so we will need a replacement there, and it sounds like Jake might be off although that replacement is lined up.

  • We are not creating chances. Luis Suarez wouldn’t score with the current supply. As some have suggested a 4-5-1 as with BR’s teams might be the way to go and Piroe has already shown he can finish. Whitaker and Lowe on the wings and Downes, Fulton and Grimes in the middle or another. Laird and another wing back with pace and we are not too far away. I’m not advocating Martin strays away from his philosophy but clearly we don’t have the right players here yet so adapting the formation to fit the current players available could at least buy him some time to sort things out how he wants and to get fitness levels up. The midfield for me last night were too far apart. Extra bodies in there with a left back and right back pushing up gets everyone further up the pitch in my opinion. I like RMs bravery and love what he’s trying to do but he needs to walk before he can run. Bring on Bristol City.

  • We already replaced Grimes which is why him sticking around is becoming a bit of an issue. Spots filled, money spent, Fulham now looking abroad instead. Downes, Fulton, Smith, Walsh and Dan Williams competing for (what will hopefully be only) two starting positions in front of the defence. Plus Dhanda and Manning in emergencies.

    Three strikers on the bench, no excuses for starting with one up top. Not like centre half where half his options are injured or were needed elsewhere. Martin's choice.

  • @jasper_T We clearly have a different idea of what a striker is, we have a number of forwards but only Piroe atm gives the impression of being a striker.

    I agree I'd prefer if we started with two upfront.

  • define striker.

    we played without a striker under Laudrup. Michu was a 'forward' or attacking midfielder.

    Looking at how RM set up last season he mixed it up a bit with his forward formations.

    Sometimes a loan striker.

    Sometimes, one up, one behind.

    A two. A three.

    Unlike his defensive formation, which always stays as a 3, the ones in front of that 3 will change depending on the opposition.

    Last night he started with a 1. Then he had Fulton and Yan as inside forwards, that dropped into the spaces left when the wingbacks bombed on.

    The problem with that was that there was no support for Jamz, because the opposite wingback, inside AM didnt come in to support in the middle enough.

    And when crosses came in, not enough bodies in the box, making it easy for Stoke to defend.

  • Not sure how Piroe can be defined as anything but a striker. Kyle Joseph played 20+ games centrally in League One. Cullen has never had a good game playing anywhere but centre forward, even at youth level. Ask Whittaker what his position is and he'll tell you he's a 9.

    Some Swans fans (and managers) won't be happy until we've got a Vokes or a Moore up front nodding in 30 goals a season.

  • Need a striker who can hold up the ball for me. A Bony / Scotland type if you will. Should be able to play higher up the pitch then. Taking pressure off the defense.

  • expanding on Jasper's point above I think Piroe looks exactly what we need IMO and shows a lot of promise. He comes deep to link play, uses the ball smartly and is in the danger area to get on the end of things.

    Also he showed a great attitude to bounce back from his early set back to produce very strong showings.

    Lowe worries me - he has a bit of Ayew syndrome at the moment - when he gets the ball his head goes down and he tries to take people on instead of popping the ball off and looking for the next pass - when he does pass the ball (not sure on the percentages) but his completion rates look terrible.

    I want to see (pending reinforcements) Whittaker and Piroe up top - as i think they look our most dangerous outlets.

    What will really help us step forward though is dynamic athletic wing backs who can create opportunities - Bidwell and especially Latibeaudiere are being repurposed for this and are coming up way short. Once Laird was introduced we saw the difference.

    The knock on effect of having a Laird instead of Latibeaudiere is that the opposition left side cannot throw themselves forward with impunity - keeping them honest really helps us defensively.

  • edited August 2021

    Broadly agree, but would prefer something on the Scotland end of the scale. Trouble with having a Bony or Llorente is the temptation to go long. Scotland was strong but always demanded it into feet - big and important difference.

  • Some interesting free agents atm… Conor Wickham, Robson-Kanu and even Daniel Sturbridge lol

  • Sturridge even

  • Today's presser was interesting.

    Didnt rule out Gray, and said he was an admirer of the Watford man.

    Still cant believe we can afford even half his wage.

  • I think Jake Silverstein may have a lot to do what happens with us soon

  • sounds like, doesn't it.

    And I'd welcome him playing a bigger role and stake. Everything I have seen from him so far has been positive.

    Seems to be cut from a different cloth than Levien and Kaplan.

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