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Its Official...Russell Martin is our new Manager

Welcome Russell Martin



  • Thank goodness for that. Now the work starts.

  • Delighted!

  • Sorted. Grimes will be gone once he is over his Covid and can do a medical with Fulham. RM bringing 3 members of his team with him and Tate stays as first team coach

  • First time I've been genuinely excited about a new manager coming in since Laudrup!!

    Now we rise again!

  • Thank God it's all sorted out, like Cooper before him he has my full support!

  • Delighted to see us get this over the line.

    I've got a good vibe about this one that I never got when we appointed Cooper. It just feels the right fit, like it did with Potter.

    My only hope is that we play fair with him and back him, because right now we are a good 4 or 5 players short.

    I have accepted that Grimes is off, but after he leaves I hope they don't do to Martin what they did to Potter and swipe the rug from underneath his feet. He has the potential to do very well with us, but like any coach he needs support, not hindrance or interference. Rebuilds are one thing, asking miracles are another.

    Welcome Russell, and good luck - we're all behind you.

  • Looking forward to hearing him speak about his plans, but perhaps he has a lot to do this week!!!!


    I'm really pleased Tatey has been looked after.

  • This is very good news and, as it's turned out, IMO worth waiting an extra 2-3 weeks for . Looks like a perfect fit for us.

    Mind you, if he's as good as most people think he is, we'd better start looking for a potential replacement when or if he gets nabbed.

    Russell Martin's Barmy Army has a nice ring to it too.

  • Yes it does!

  • I'm a big believer in fate and I think it has played a big hand here. If Eustace hadn't done an about turn then Russell Martin wouldn't be our manager and, like others, I have a really good feeling about this appointment. I'm chuffed he's joined us and can't wait to start enjoying watching the Swans once more.

  • It will take time, but I'm looking forward to it.

  • A really strong interview.

  • I know the proof will be in the pudding but....

    You genuinely get the sense he actually believes in what is coming out of his mouth, it's not just lip service like it was with Cooper. There's an intent behind it, certain elements of the words he used and the tone he used reminded me of listening to both Roberto and Brendan.

    I just hope he gets the backing he needs 🤞🏻

  • Agree Andrew and the other posters about his interview.

    He definitely oozes leadership and charisma. Something I thought Cooper lacked.

    Well done to the club on what feels the right appointment.

  • I don't think Cooper lacked leadership - he was as stubborn as a mule and very much true to himself, and clearly the players bought into his methods - I don't think you can finish 4th and 6th if you aren't a leader of men.

    Charisma? Perhaps not quite, but he certainly held up very well in interviews. He could talk the talk.

    The fatal problem with Cooper was that his ideas and methods on how to play the game are fundamentally flawed, and in particular a really bad fit for our football club.

    I'd be absolutely astounded if Martin churns out the same sort of turgid stuff - there's just nothing in the key stats, the eyeball test or the way he speaks that suggests that he will. Let's hope so!

  • Hard work starts tomorrow

  • Am I allowed to be worried because he mentioned the " non-negotiables " 😂 STID.

  • The 12 minute interview on the OS is EVERYTHING I wanted to hear and more - truly more excited than I have been for a long while - and we haven't got many players with our opening game 5 days away!!

    Russell Martin's Black and White Army!!

  • Welcome and good luck.

    Wonder if we'll get the new manager 'bounce'. Might just help us navigate a tricky start and give the squad time to embed

  • So far so good but don't expect wonders if the owners don't spend money on new players. We are about 5 players short at the moment and time is running out for us.

  • That interview is seriously impressive. It's given me a skip in my step ahead of a day's work but our players should be massively enthused by that and be like big kids getting into training this morning.

    It does feel like that, erm, football's coming home (sorry!)

  • RM will have my full support, I believe we will play a faster game with more players filling the box, with more passing in the oppositions' half.

    Realistically a mid table position will be acceptable, he starts without last seasons top scorer, the best CB we had, the best wing back, in fact 7 of last years play off final team will not feature on Saturday.

    So success for me this season will be trying to play better football, scoring more goals, even if we have to concede more.

    Just hope the fans appreciate it if it happens and don't get on his back if not in the top six.

    Obviously if we do get top six this season, it will be a miracle with so many new young players

  • Is it me or does the picture of Russell Martin look a tad photoshopped to me 😊.

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