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Match Discussion: Swans v West Bromwich Albion - Championship 2021/22

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This is the place to discuss all things related to the Swans v West Bromwich Albion Championship game on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 at 7:45pm.

Referee Simon Hooper will be assisted by Daniel Robathan and Derek Eaton, with Lee Swabey the 4th Official for the game.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments and team selection.



  • Here comes the acid test for our "improvement" under RM.

    The doubters are still not convinced despite having one defeat in 7 during which we have kept 5 clean sheets and trounced our bitter rivals by 3 goals.

    So yes we were playing a poor team, but nobody will be able to say that about the Baggies.

    Ismael will have a very athletic team set up to press us all over the pitch and disrupt our patterns of play. We will try and control the game and have them chasing all over the Swansea.com.

    Difference is they will not leave their strikers as isolated as the scummers, and will try and spring forward on the counter with better quality.

    Maybe come thursday we will have a few more converts - for sure we will have a go at them, and if Ntcham is fit enough to start in place of Smith we will be a little bit stronger and more of a goal threat.

    Excited for the game COYS!

  • the biggest danger, will be like Fulham, who scores first. It is VERY important. And they have loads more pace about them for the counter, like Fulham, and unlike Cardiff.

    It will be a tough, tough game, but if you look at their results, they've dropped points against Preston, Derby, Millwall, and lost to Stoke in recent weeks.

    The only teams they have clattered are the Blueturds and Sheff Utd. Otherwise, it's been wins by the odd goal.

    Since they were smashed by Arsenal, taking the Cardiff exception out of the results, they have scored just 6 goals in 8 games.

    So with a big atmosphere like yesterday, and the confidence flowing, we should feel confident of at least getting a point.

    Just a shame I am missing it.

    The weather could be a factor too. It's going to be very wet the next few days. So the surface will be very slick. Accuracy crucial.

  • ....and long studs please. Too often last season our players were slipping on our pitch.

  • also you get a clear sight of goal, shoot! It'll zip off that surface.

    but dont let Mowatt do the same anywhere near our box.

  • Looking forward to the game and hoping we build upon the Cardiff result and really get the season going!!

    I think I would like to see Rhys Williams and Ntcham for Manning and Smith (I think that's our strongest starting XI).

    Would also like to see Obafemi replace Whitaker on the bench as we may need his pace to stretch the baggies back four.

  • I'm not sure I'd be rushing Ntcham back in on Wednesday. He looked a bit rusty and is still just coming back from injury. Bench for me, with a 20-25 min run out.

    For changes in the backline, I'd be bringing Ben Cabango in for Bennett. He put a huge shift in, and looked like he'd tweaked something at some point.

    He can rest until the Birmingham game. Williams on to the bench.

    Apart from that one change, unless there are players with niggles or feeling fatigue, same again for me.

    Nobody deserves to be 'dropped' after yesterday's performance.

  • What has Manning done wrong that makes Williams a stronger player, no evidence to date. IMO

  • The way he is playing it would be a brave man to drop Manning right now. Bennett is fragile - so needs to be very selectively errr selected.

    Mark is correct in that the medical folks need to make the call - BUT Ntcham is way more of an attacking threat than Smith - and if we can safely squeeze an hour out of him - he starts for me.

  • I would only play Cabango, if Laird is willing/able to cover back. I suspect he will be a little off the pace after Sunday & it could be an issue

  • After a great win against our rivals, its important to put things into perspective, WBA have a team that has changed little from when they got promoted then relegated, probably too good for this league but not good enough for the Premier league, same as Fulham and probably Norwich next year, Bournemouth also have loads of star players. The important thing now is to carry on playing to this system, the team are now starting to adapt to it, we also have players coming back from injury. I believe RM will get the balance right, its just a pity he came a little too late to a new squad and a bucket full of injuries. Lets get to mid table and safety which would be classed as a success for any new manager with a completely different squad

  • absolutely nothing and the reality is he shouldn't be dropped, I just have this nagging feeling that we need two more traditional CB's either side of Naughton (plus I think Manning is a bit of a loose cannon always courting and getting involved in the niggly stuff)

  • 2 big pluses for this game.

    Diangana, who has always caused us problems, is definitely out.

    And Mowatt also looking extremely doubtful. even if he starts, he's going to be very wary of whatever injury he's carrying.

  • It is going to be an interesting challenge tonight.

    A team who likes to dominate the ball against a team who relishes pressuring the opposition to win the ball back.

    WBA will be hard working, quick to break and quick to shoot. They will likely either play 3-4-3 or 5-4-1. After Saturday they might be more likely to go 3-4-3.

    We will try to starve them of possession, dominate the midfield and break down the wings.

    At this stage of the season WBA are favourites to win, as they are creating more opportunities and finishing them off.

    We will need to match them in creating and finishing tonight to win.

    Really looking forward to this next challenge. Both teams are fit so it might come down to whether we can maintain our workrate right to the end of the match.


  • Looking forward to the game tonight , before the first lockdown West Brom was the last game I saw at the Liberty ,

    Nil nil not much between the sides .

    I hope we continue with our second half performance , play with tempo and take the game to them ,

    Going for a 2 - 1 win


  • No doubt they will press us hard.Their manager did so with Barnsley,Will be interesting to see how we cope.Fingers crossed for some points.

  • moorlands,

    what I noticed in the Albion v Birmingham match was that Albion's back three didn't push up to the halfway line as Barnsley did last season.

  • edited October 20

    Also worth noting that the only team to beat WBA recently was Stoke.

    They played a possession style and a 3-4-2-1 formation and matched WBA in opportunities but denied them possession by winning the battle 56/44.

    Allow them equality of possession and they will probably win.

  • Good observation, we are often playing that formation and with Laird and Paterson playing so far up field it sometimes looks like 3-4-3 Even Bennet is seen way up on the right and when Naughton ventures forward, then Downes drops into his role, a bit like having a sweeper in the old systems. I think the Naughton Downes combination really compliments both players and being a bit negative to Grimes, it looks like he is playing better. Smith also looked much better with more freedom, I doubt if we will get anything tonight but it would be great if we do.

  • Is Obafemi still injured after all then?

  • change at centreback - not the one I expected.

  • so why say after all. From what I have heard he failed a fitness test on Sunday so obviously would be doubtful tonight, or would you want to flog the backside of him half fit and put him in the squad?

  • Looks like Manning is injured and Obafemi still not match fit, would expect Nycham to play a part later on and Whitaker who needs a run out instead of Cullen, either or, they are both young and raring to go

  • Talk about pick your battles mate, that’s a perfectly normal question he’s asked.

    Before Cardiff I heard we had a fully fit squad, then he wasn’t included in the squad. Not included today, so he must be injured after all.

  • Would love to see Whittaker get some time in the second half, I do feel bad for the guy falling so far down the pecking order. Hopefully he gets a good loan in January too.

    What injury does Manning have?

  • Let’s hope that WBA don’t rain on our parade to add to the terrible weather Swansea is having at the moment. My prediction is a 1-0 win to the Swans gifted by a mistake (a slip maybe) made by the opposition as the opportunities will be few and far between for the majority of the 90 minutes.

  • Why say 'after all'? Because the club announced that he was fit to play before the Cardiff game, along with Bennett and Ntcham. And according to Swansea Independent Martin said he had a fully fit squad for the West Brom game (https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/swanseacity/amp/news/56028/full-strength-swansea-city-to-take-on-west-brom-tonight). Yet Obafemi did not make the bench for Cardiff or again today despite being a far better player IMO than Liam Cullen.

    I hadn't heard he failed a fitness test on Sunday and I can't find that anywhere on the internet. If I had heard that then of course I would not have questioned why he has been left out of the matchday squad for the second time running.

    Out of interest, what is your source and why do you suppose Martin said that he had a full-strength squad (or did Swansea Independent misquote him)?

  • Rhydian,

    no doubt every man and his dog saw the training ground videos last week leading to the Cardiff game, but lo and behold a player/s suffer a late injury. It happens, get over it.

  • Oh no, turns out Swansea Independent didn't get it wrong. This is from the official site match preview posted five hours ago. Mystery deepens.

  • Cadleigh,

    so, Obafemi fails a late fitness test and RM prefers to say nought to the public. So what. Ever heard of keeping your cards close to your chest instead of changing the minds of the Cardiff analysts when they have been told Obafemi wasn't going to to be in the matchday squad.

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