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Anyone watch the U-23s regularly? I was wondering what formation they usually play and whether they need to change that to conform to the way the senior team play?


  • Can I ask @RGD - against Ipswich U23s we reverted to 4-3-3, but what formation were we playing before then? And what formation do the U23s typically play?

    On @JackRaven's point about formation and style being two different things, I would say 'up to a point'. The jobs of winger, full back and wing-back are different, and although I would expect wing-backs to be able to do the full-back role if required, the three are not inter-changeable.

    So what happens in the U23s will be a good indication of how flexible we can expect our formations to be in future. Unless we are simply developing FBs and wingers purely in order to sell them.

  • We have been playing 433 basically but lately, presumably advised by RM, we have gone to 3 at the back and line up similar to first team

    As we have seen with first team, this poses a big change for players in terms of position, role and responsibility, not to mention fitness. Not easily coached I imagine and takes time

    The U23s looked all at sea trying to play this way and some players were way out of their comfort zone. Clearly not ready and not prepared enough by the coaching team

    In the last game we went back to basically 433 presumably because players need more time to adapt

  • Formation and style are completely different things.

    You can play any formation in whatever style you like. Two simple examples, SC played 3-5-2 last year and RM is playing a very similar 3-4-2-1 this season in a compeltely different style. Also Cardiff have played a lot of different formations and most recently against Reading moved to a, very familiar to us, 4-2-3-1. They dont play that formation in the same style as say Brendan did.

    So will they play a 5-4-1, a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-2-3-1 today, whichever it is the style will remain the same.

    We will win this match in midfield, by controlling possession.


  • Well they did play a 5-4-1 and we did contol the midfield and possession.

    And we won 3-0.

    Swim Away.

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