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Match Discussion: Blackburn Rovers v Swans - Championship 2021/22

edited August 7 in Swansea City

This is the place to discuss all things related to the Blackburn Rovers v Swans Championship game on Saturday, 7 August 2021 at 3:00pm.

Referee David Webb will be assisted by Matthew McGrath and Geoffrey Liddle, with Ross Joyce the 4th Official for the game.

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Share your pre and post match thoughts, views on Russell Martin's pre or post match comments, team selection.

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  • Really troubling that we don’t yet have a manager in place but also considering the purported interest in Grimes & Byers, with Roberts injured, Ayew gone & the loanees from last season also now gone, our current starting 11 v Blackburn looks a bit untried if we lose Grimes....


    Naughton Bennett Cabango Bidwell

    Smith Fulton Walsh

    Joseph Piroe Lowe

    throw the kitchen sink at them early doors?

  • No Fulton - suspended

  • Might get an idea tonight against FG ( is it on) but Fulton out for either 2 or 3 games.

    We also have Manning Leadebeare, Garrick, Cullen and Whittaker, Dhanda for the first time in ages we have more forwards than defenders and midfielders

  • I think if I was in charge tonight I would try and give Manning some minutes in the midfield. We cannot assume that we will bring anyone in over the next few days - and with Matty likely gone there is a need for a left footed player in there to balance out with Walsh.

    An experiment worth a look tonight - he has played there before and is generally neat and tidy on the ball.

  • Hamer

    Naughton - Bennett- Cabango- Bidwell

    Smith - Grimes (if still here ) Walsh


    Lowe- Piroe

  • My team for Saturday ,


    Cabango , Bennett Capt, Latibourdie,

    Naughton , Smith , Dhanda , Bidwell ,

    Lowe , Cullen , Whittaker .

    Lack of midfield players , Naughton could play alongside Smith ,

    Manning with a good weeks training could be fit for the bench .

  • Come on boys , he's been here long enough now, it's Latibeaudiere

    As RM seems to play mostly with a back 3 , and with Guehi's departure, then I can see Joel getting more game time this season. I think he'll do well is that set up and he does like to bring the ball out from the back to try and make things happen, which Bennett doesn't like to do , nor Cabango much either.

  • I posted my team on a separate thread - and here it is below:

    Assuming our messiah can pull this off I was looking at what we have available and thought the following line up might be worth a spin


    Cabango Bennett Bidwell

    Naughton Smith Williams Manning (I am assuming NO Walsh or Grimes AND that Manning is fit)

    Lowe Piroe Whittaker (I am not seeing either Dhanda or Cullen looking sharp right now)

    Bennett captains the side.

    This just shows how wafer thin we are in midfield areas in particular.

    I omitted Latibeaudiere just based on my eyeball test of him in the two friendlies that we saw (because I generally like him). He looked way off the pace - and like he had spent the summer in Rossi's. Maybe he was "leggy" from double sessions and has caught up in his 2 week suspension - but he really looked like he was running through treacle in diving boots - otherwise IF fit then agreed he would start for me as well and in Manning's likely absence Bidwell starts at wingback.

    One BIG problem is who takes the dead balls - because Dhanda against Southampton was diabolical - couple of over hits missing everyone, couple hitting the first defender, and corners that went straight out before reaching the penalty area.

    Maybe we just take everything short and try and play at a high tempo.

  • Interesting interview with the Milton Keynes Citizen. Apparently as discussed already always plays a back 3 but the wingbacks do hardly any defending as pushed forward. The side lives dangerously in play but he likes a lively 10 with someone playing the deep role behind for cover. So totally misreading this i’m seeing a back 3 then Garick and Lowe as wingbacks, Whittaker, Piroe and Cullen up front, Gibbs white in the 10 if we can persuade Wolves to go again and Grimes in the deep role given that no-one has apparently made any offers. Ok i’ve added in some additions that aren’t here but given we are seriously light in the middle i’ve allowed myself some licence. Substitute MGW for Walsh then. Just like school then when everyone wanted to play up front!😂

  • One thing has come out if the ideas/suggestions we are woefully short on numbers in certain areas and until that is addressed it is going to be a bit of a juggle!

  • Until he gets to know the players better he might just set up as per advice from Alan Tate for first game, it’s the best way he can access the team probably with the short time that he has.

  • @Gingertit - I couldn't disagree more. I hated the way Tate set us up v Southampton - it was negative and disconnected from our front players. We will lose at Blackburn with that approach.

    I would rather start the process right away - set us up to pass the ball and have a right go at controlling possession and the game at Blackburn.

    Our young forwards need short passes and runners from midfield to prosper - not the dross that was served up last Saturday.

  • No doubt it will be awkward for the Blackburn coaches to prepare for the game,a few unkowns for them to try to anticipate in advance of the game.

  • If I was Blackburn I would set the team up to press high and fast - we are a team that are likely to be trying to play from the back without the time to prepare or coach our players. VERY good chance that we will make mistakes under pressure and cough the ball up.

    It would be suicide with Woodman in nets - but I see Benda as much more capable with ball at feet to start us playing. We need to be brave as players and supporters and be patient when the inevitable clangers drop as we start the process.

  • Blackburn fans have mixed thoughts on likely outcome.

  • @ABSwan

    Read the same on the forum this morning ,

    Their not impressed with the manager , no new signings , lost a core of players from last year,

    Not sure if Armstrong will be sold , Gallagher back from injury , no mention of Bradley Dack in their predicated side for Saturday,

    Unimpressed with pre season ,

    Sounds very familiar .

  • Problem we have is midfield where we could be very short on numbers, Byers gone, Grimes?, Walsh injured?, Fulton suspended.

    Do we go with Bennett, Ben and Latibeadiere as the 3, bidders and naughton as the wing backs. Or Bennett, Ben and bidders as the 3 with Manning on the left, is he fit enough to even play. Or do we go Bennett, Ben and nauts as the 3, bidders left, right?? Ollie maybe or one of the forwards.

    We could see a midfield if Smith, William's, Yan and Cooper.

    As JR likes to remind us we desperately need players and we only have ?? Days to do it.

  • Tickets arrived this morning.

    Looking forward to being back - loud and proud.

    Who are we?!!


    Martin began studying for his coaching badges at age 25, and studied for his UEFA Pro Licence at the Scottish FA in 2019.[47][54] His managerial style has been influenced by such managers as Chris HughtonDaniel Farke, and Pep Guardiola.[47]Inspired by Guardiola's Barcelona and Manchester City teams, Martin prefers his teams to dominate ball possession.[47] Tactically, he prefers the 3–4–2–1 or 3–5–2 formations, with an emphasis on passing the ball and pressing the opposition.[47][55] If his teams suffer a bad result, Martin prefers to improve his game plan, rather than changing the style of play.

  • 3 at the back guys.

  • For me until RM gets the players he wants/needs and time to implement his style this is a bit of a free hit for us as far as expectations are concerned. My expectations are lower than usual for the first few games but still optimistic we can surprise a few with changes to style

  • Yes.

    I would quite happily settle for some patchy results in August, as long as there is some evidence that a more attractive style of play is being put into place.

    IMO he can't be judged properly until we've brought in the 4 or 5 players he needs.

  • Good news is Palace are in advanced negotiations with Blackburn on the transfer of Adam Armstrong.

    This probably means he wont be risked on Saturday.

    And if it does, he probably wont be as big a risk as I cant see him wanting to risk getting injured and messing up a move to the Premier League.

  • Can somebody please identify the player on the ball at around 1.33 - 1.40 in the training clips video ?

    Video | Training ahead of Blackburn | Swansea (swanseacity.com)

  • Joel Piroe - what do I win?

  • Oh yeah, of course. I've only seen him play three times 🙂 Thanks

  • Good to see fans travelling for this game ,

    A bit concerned about the ref Jason Bourne AKA David Webb , hope he's not expecting trouble

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